Best GoPro Alternative Sports Action Camera

Secrets to Amazing Underwater Videos:

An artificial source of light is not that convenient when filming underwater with a GoPro Alternative sports action camera. Unless you are planning to get silhouette shots of a persons subject, always film in the sun behind you since it is going to function your natural lighting.

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Best GoPro Alternative Sports Action Camera

The auto-focus settings needs to be made use of for close-ups while medium and long shots should be done by utilizing the manual focus. Shooting a theme that’s removed from you? You will help the improvement of its color by shooting it against a foreground of corals. Prevent “underwater jogging” equally as much as possible. This is a term very popular to refer to excessive shaking associated with a camera resulting from the swimming belonging to person. Instead, float while you’ve the recording button pushed. Follow the following pointers and little secrets to improve the nature of your videos.

When filming or shooting underwater with a GeekPro 2.0 action camera there are basically two factors influencing the colours of one’s subject; depth and distance. In regards to depth, the deeper you are the more the topic turns blue and …

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